The Pierrot Suit is a wearable art and wearable technology garment that explores the intrinsic queerness in clowning. Taking elements from pantomime, drag, and sad clowns, the same outsidership is drawn in queer performance.
The Pierrot Suit is made of cotton broadcloth, organza, felt, and jersey. Each silicone wire is routed through the garment's piping, connected to the felt pad with motion sensors for LED channels controlled by hand gestures. Two 3-volt cell batteries power the piece at the back waistband. The gloved sleeves are attached to the inner felt lining of the garment, with the outer sleeves featuring a cuff and placket.
photography by Mia Yaguchi-Chow
modeled by Trang Vo
garment and styling by Roy Luo
film by Roy Luo
As the wearer performs, different channels of light correspond with each hand position, tilted upright, left, or right. By these means, identity is established through visual performance.
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