photograph of the artist with projection, by Maja Rudnicki
ID (Identity/Innuendo) is a 2016 sculptural painting, turned projection piece, that reflects on a queer Asian male experience contextualized in North America. The work comprises of 7 rows of papier-mâché bananas, with the exception of one fun fur sewn banana and one pearled resin banana.
Intersectionality frames this work in the nuances that Asian masculinity is presented and consumed in both straight and queer spaces as submissive, and how navigating my own coming out experience with my parents has been difficult. I experience a personal dissonance as an East-Asian gay man navigating these two communities: one in where I visibly and physically assimilate into, yet fail to meet specific expectations of family; and one where I am racialized, mythically undesirable, or worse--fetishized. Phallic in nature, and a derogatory term for white-washed diasporic East-Asians, the banana is a reclamation of sexual stereotype.
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